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Ship chandler? A nautical term meaning "dealer of boat supplies and equipment".  The fact is we don’t sell soap, bait, mops or propellers only tobacco, spirits and perfume – the essentials! We focus on bonded store products and our customers pay no duty or taxes and vessel delivery is free.


Sandi Duty Free services cruise ships, commercial vessels, charter boats and private vessels from the Ports of: San Francisco, Oakland, Hueneme, Long Beach, San Pedro and San Diego.


If in San Diego and fishing south of Coronado – you’ll be in Mexican waters and qualified to purchase duty free from us! Our bonded facilities stock tobacco, spirits, beer, wine, perfume and we can usually deliver same day. We specialize in value brands and special orders. We can even supply ships in Fort Lauderdale from our facility in Port Everglade.  For prices call 619-327-4777 option #3.

Prepping the order

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