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To purchase duty and tax free from Sandi Duty Free you need to fit into one of these buyer profiles: Foreign diplomat or normal person leaving the USA for sunny Mexico!


If you are the normal person type leaving the USA and crossing into Mexicali through CA Route 111 (Imperial Blvd) ... all you need to do is stop by our store and make your purchase.


The way duty free purchases work when buying from our border store...  the buyer needs to make the purchase at our duty free store and then we escort the buyer to US/Mexico border exit. It's that simple! There are limits on the type of product and quantity you can bring tax free into Mexico or back into the USA so be sure to ask us if you need assistance. 

If you are a foreign diplomat, UN organization, Military or Embassy in Canada, USA or Mexico we can service you too! Please go out our website by clicking our logo: 







We accept cash, credit cards and wires. We offer the best selection of value brand cigarettes in California and we stock all of the popular name brands of spirits, beer and wine.

Prepping the order

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